Seafood Recipes

  • paella_controlFreakFI

Seafood Paella

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Serve this beautiful dish in the middle on your table scattered with extra chili, flat-leaf ...Read More

  • shrimpMangoRolls_fi

Shrimp, Mango, and Avocado Rolls

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If I ever open a restaurant, this will be one of the top items on ...Read More

  • broiledWholeSquid_fi

Broiled Whole Squid

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Grilled and roasted squid (and cuttlefish) is sold by street vendors throughout Korea. Roasting whole ...Read More

  • CrispyCrumbledCalamari_FI

Crispy Crumbled Calamari

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No need to head out to the restaurant tonight... make your favorite appetizer at home ...Read More

  • CrabMeatSalad_FI

Roger Berkowitz | Favorite Dish

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The crabmeat salad is a favorite of Roger S. Berkowitz, the President and Chief Executive ...Read More

  • musselsFries_FI

Mussels and Fries

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Mussels and fries is a classic dish made all the better when paired with Allagash ...Read More

  • salmon_FI-lr

Poached Wild Salmon in Tranquil Dream Tea

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Described as "luxuriating a food" Hugh Acheson takes us through a perfectly poached salmon dish. ...Read More

  • LimeAioli-FI

Lime Aioli

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Make and serve with the Salt & Pepper Squid Recipe or any of your favorite ...Read More

  • saltPepperSquidBoss_FI

Salt & Pepper Squid

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Zesty, tangy, spicy, and delicious. Try this easy recipe for fried squid at home.

  • lobsterSalad_FI-lr

Corn Waffles & Warm Lobster Salad

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Waffles - good. Corn - good. Lobster - great. Crème Fraichè - delicious. This recipes ...Read More

  • spicyShrimp_FI-lr

Spicy Shrimp

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An incredibly rich dish that can be made in about 20 minutes and devoured in ...Read More

  • 1407_biang-biang-noodles_f

Biang Biang Noodles in Ginger Scallion Sauce

By |

Using an inventive technique that consists of pulling apart dough and then grilling it to ...Read More

  • 1405_tsai_shrimp-toast-jicama_f

Shrimp Toast with Jicama

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We purée the shrimp as a mousse, so buy small shrimp. Scallops work, salmon works, ...Read More

  • 1403_bloo_kedgeree_f


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Britain’s colonial rule of India helped form many of the UK's most favored food traditions ...Read More

  • 1312_hast_shrimp-grits-ham_f

Creamy Shrimp & Crimson Grits with Country Ham

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Chris Hastings serves shrimp and grits every night at his restaurant, and this recipe is ...Read More

  • 1311_brock_shrimp-poyster-perlou_f

Shrimp and Oyster Perlou

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Perlou is a classic South Carolina dish. It's essentially a rice dish filled with the ...Read More

  • 1311_brock_oysters-bottarga_f

Oysters with Bottarga and Lemon Scallion Butter

By |

What could be better with oysters than country ham? How about country ham of the ...Read More

  • ebook-fishingforreal_f

Fishing for Real eBook

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I grew up in a fishing family from southern Maine. In the 1930s, my grandfather ...Read More

  • rice-sushi

Rice, a Symbol You Can Eat!

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Throughout most of Asia, rice is a measure of sophistication, celebrated in art, fundamental to ...Read More

  • recipe_tuna01_Hussar-350x219

Rare Seared Tuna with Chilled Soba Noodle Salad

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"Quickly searing fresh tuna is a great way to create an easy and very healthy ...Read More

  • recipe_shellfish09_Hussar-350x241

Steamed Littleneck Clams with Local Beer, Chorizo, and Parsley

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"Beer-steamed littleneck clams is a quintessential New England treat. Chorizo deepens the flavor of the ...Read More

  • 1306_sewa_roasted-salmon_f

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Grilled Vegetable Salad

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"There is a lot of talk about wild versus farmed salmon. Both are great options ...Read More

  • recipe_cod01_Hussar-350x212

Fish and Chips

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"Atlantic cod is typically larger than Pacific cod and is one of the most commercially ...Read More

  • recipe_snapper08_Hussar-350x232

Lemon Baked Snapper with Wok-Seared Vegetables

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"The Lemon Baked Snapper recipe is one of my favorites and one of the easiest ...Read More

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