About April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield is the much-loved chef and co-owner of several highly acclaimed restaurants. In addition to her three NYC restaurants, recently she and her restaurateur-partner, Ken Friedman, refurbished and reopened the San Francisco landmark, Tosca Cafe.
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Caesar Dressing

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It was invented in Mexico and is adored in America, but Caesar Dressing was perfected ...Read More

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Fresh Salsa Verde

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Slathered on toast or eaten straight off the spoon, a mix of fragrant herbs, chili, ...Read More

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Fried Chicken Feet

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When in doubt -- FRY. Some folks may cower when they hear "Chicken Feet," but ...Read More

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Britain’s colonial rule of India helped form many of the UK's most favored food traditions ...Read More

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Welsh Rarebit

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Don't even think of calling it Rabbit -- it's Welsh Rarebit. But really, it's Bloomfield's ...Read More

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Zucchini Fritto

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Bloomfield believes that Italians know food better than anyone else. Therefore, the simple dish of ...Read More

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Strawberry Sorbet

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April Blooomfield believes that sorbet can wow a crowd when done correctly. Fresh basil, lemon ...Read More

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Moscow Mule

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The slushee -- that convenience store favorite -- gets all grown-up with the addition of ...Read More

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Scotch Egg

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This Scotch Egg recipe from April Bloomfield makes you think about eggs differently.

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Gnudi is not something most of us would think to cook at home. But April ...Read More

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Banoffee Pie

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This dessert from April Bloomfield is sweet, rich, and the ulitmate crowd pleaser.

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Carta di Musica with Bottarga and Butter

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Chef April Bloomfield has an inventive take on her Carta di Musica with Bottarga and ...Read More

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