About Mike Wiley

Chef-owner of Hugo's and Eventide, Mike Wiley studied literature and creative writing at Colby College and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He worked at various kitchens in Colorado including the Black Cat in Boulder, before returning to Maine. Hugo’s proved a perfect fit: a kitchen that fosters creativity and enjoys access to the finest ingredients.

Cerise Beer Float

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Ice cream root beer floats have always been a crowd pleaser. Try it with beer ...Read More

Dashi Wings

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Is there anything better than wings with beer? Most of us would say no. This ...Read More

Fried Fermented Turnips

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Tastes like fried pickles, but better. This perfect snack that is super easy to make ...Read More

Mussels and Fries

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Mussels and fries is a classic dish made all the better when paired with Allagash ...Read More

Lobster Mousse Toast

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Lobster salad is not the only way to create a lobster sandwich. Try this hot ...Read More

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