About Scott Haas

Scott Haas is a clinical psychologist, James Beard award winner for radio journalism, and author of Back of the House: The Secret Life of a Restaurant.
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No More Column A and Column B

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As kids we would be handed six page menus and told we could order, “Two ...Read More

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We’ll Always Have Pasta

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Why chefs and restaurants, as Thomas Keller noted, are in the business of creating memory, ...Read More

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Rice, a Symbol You Can Eat!

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Throughout most of Asia, rice is a measure of sophistication, celebrated in art, fundamental to ...Read More

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Seasonal Affective Order

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If there is 'seasonal affective disorder,' it stands to reason that there is 'seasonal affective ...Read More

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Back of the House Revealed eBook

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During the production of our series Thought for Food, we met journalist Scott Haas at ...Read More

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