About Jeremy Sewall

A native of upstate New York, Chef Jeremy Sewall spent his childhood summers in Maine with his family, feasting on lobsters, clams, chowders, and other New England specialties. He graduated with honors from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, and in 2006, Sewall opened Lineage in Brookline, MA with his wife, Lisa, a former pastry chef at Boston's L'Espalier. In 2009, Sewall became Collaborating Chef at Eastern Standard. In 2010, he teamed up with Skip Bennett, the founder of Island Creek Oysters, to bring the Island Creek Oyster Bar to Boston. Recently, Jeremy opened Row 34 in the waterfront district of Boston.
  • ribEye_FI-lr

Grilled rib eye and vegetable salad

By |

Great for a summer night in lieu of a burger and fries. Homemade scallion butter ...Read More

  • ham+chips_FI-lr

Arugula Pesto, Ham, and Cheddar Sandwich

By |

There's crunch and creamy and sweet and savory packed into this Grilled Sandwich. Serve with ...Read More

  • sausagePizza_FI-lr

Mushroom and Sausage Pizza

By |

Fresh baked pizza with an easy-to-make homemade dough. Try any toppings, but this one is ...Read More

  • lobsterSalad_FI-lr

Corn Waffles & Warm Lobster Salad

By |

Waffles - good. Corn - good. Lobster - great. Crème Fraichè - delicious. This recipes ...Read More

  • spicyShrimp_FI-lr

Spicy Shrimp

By |

An incredibly rich dish that can be made in about 20 minutes and devoured in ...Read More

  • ebook-fishingforreal_f

Fishing for Real eBook

By |

I grew up in a fishing family from southern Maine. In the 1930s, my grandfather ...Read More

  • fishing4real_1606

Fishing for Real

By |

For those unaccustomed to cooking seafood, buying it can be an intimidating experience. But don't ...Read More

  • recipe_tuna01_Hussar-350x219

Rare Seared Tuna with Chilled Soba Noodle Salad

By |

"Quickly searing fresh tuna is a great way to create an easy and very healthy ...Read More

  • recipe_shellfish09_Hussar-350x241

Steamed Littleneck Clams with Local Beer, Chorizo, and Parsley

By |

"Beer-steamed littleneck clams is a quintessential New England treat. Chorizo deepens the flavor of the ...Read More

  • 1306_sewa_roasted-salmon_f

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Grilled Vegetable Salad

By |

"There is a lot of talk about wild versus farmed salmon. Both are great options ...Read More

  • recipe_cod01_Hussar-350x212

Fish and Chips

By |

"Atlantic cod is typically larger than Pacific cod and is one of the most commercially ...Read More

  • recipe_snapper08_Hussar-350x232

Lemon Baked Snapper with Wok-Seared Vegetables

By |

"The Lemon Baked Snapper recipe is one of my favorites and one of the easiest ...Read More

  • recipe_scallops04_Hussar-350x234

Scallop Ceviche with Spicy Pineapple Purée

By |

"There are two types of scallops to choose from when you are at the supermarket ...Read More

  • sewall_cucumber

Oysters with Cucumber Mignonette

By |

Nothing too strong to overpower the oyster. Just a nice flavor to add to it.

  • sewallCocktail_1606

ICOB Cocktail Pairing

By |

This chilled cocktail is very light and refreshing and bright, and it goes so well ...Read More

  • oystersMelonRelish_1606

Oysters with Chilled Melon Relish

By |

Oysters in the summer are such a popular thing, and we try to marry the ...Read More

  • 1405_vid-sewall-oysters101

Chef Secrets: Oysters 101

By |

Chef Jeremy Sewall gives a crash course on oysters 101, he shows you how to ...Read More

  • 1405_vid-sewall-shuckoysters

Chef Secrets: Shucking Oysters

By |

Chef Jeremy Sewall of the Island Creek Oyster Bar demonstrates how to shuck oysters.

  • 1405_vid-sewall-islandcreekoyster

Beyond the Kitchen: Island Creek Oyster Farm

By |

Chef Jeremy Sewall visits Island Creek Oyster Farm and shows how his restaurants' oysters are ...Read More

  • 1405_vid-sewall-execchef

Executive Chef: Jeremy Sewall

By |

Chef Sewall sits down at Island Creek Oyster Bar and discusses his career, passion for ...Read More

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