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  • 1311_brock_buttermilk-pie_f

Buttermilk Pie

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Chef Sean Brock's classic recipe for an all-time Southern favorite … Buttermilk Pie.

  • 1311_isa_nirvana-enchilada_f

Nirvana Enchilada Casserole

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Think if you're vegan that Enchiladas are off limits? Think again. Isa Chandler Moszkowitz shows ...Read More

  • 1311_mosk_rosemary-choc-chip-cookies_f

Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Chef Isa Chandler Moskowitz delights vegans with her rosemary chocolate combination. "If you haven’t tried ...Read More

  • 1310_robe_Bread-pudding

Savory Bread Pudding

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This savory pudding has all the aspects you like about a soufflé but is nearly ...Read More

  • 1310_robe_bruschetta

Eggplant and Charred Pepper Bruschetta

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The bruschetta is just one of those things where in late summer when we’ve got ...Read More

  • 1310-patt-pratherbeef

Prather Ranch Beef Encrusted in Lichen

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Chef Daniel Patterson of Coi in San Francisco admits this dish is not the easiest ...Read More

  • 1307_chang_pithivier_f

Apple Pithivier with Vanilla Apple Butter

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Chef Joanne Chang has adapted the traditional French recipe "...by omitting the rum and adding ...Read More

  • 1307_chang_pithivier_f

Frangipane for Apple Pithivier

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Here's the Frangipane for Chef Joanne Chang's spectacular desert, Apple Pithivier.

  • 1307_chang_pithivier_f

Puff Pastry for Apple Pithivier

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Chef Joanne Chang gives careful instructions for making the puff pastry used in her spectacular ...Read More

  • 1306_sewa_roasted-salmon_f

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Grilled Vegetable Salad

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"There is a lot of talk about wild versus farmed salmon. Both are great options ...Read More

  • recipe_snapper08_Hussar-350x232

Lemon Baked Snapper with Wok-Seared Vegetables

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"The Lemon Baked Snapper recipe is one of my favorites and one of the easiest ...Read More

  • 1304_ribs-asian-bbq_f

Ribs with Asian Barbecue Sauce

By |

Adèle Schober demonstrates the family of Smart Ovens with this recipe.

  • 1303_card_sea-bass_f

Chef Floyd Cardoz’s Black Sea Bass en Papiolotte Recipe

By |

As part of Breville's "Road to the Recipe" series, we visited North End Grill in ...Read More

  • 1208_ortu_squash-salad_f

Chef Sisha Ortuzar’s Summer Squash Salad

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This is great summertime salad that really highlights the variety of squash available (zucchini, safari, ...Read More

  • 1208_ortu_prawns_f

Chef Sisha Ortuzar’s Roasted Prawns with Salsa Verde

By |

Roasted Prawns and Salsa Verde: Using Breville's Smart Oven and Sous Chef, Chef Sisha Ortuzar ...Read More

  • 1205_biss_razor-clam_f

Razor Clam Ramen

By |

Jamie Bissonnette goes through a easy step by step process of making a Razor Clam ...Read More

  • 1202_maws_lasagnette_f

Pork Belly and Ricotta Lasagnette

By |

Chef Tony Maws of Craigie on Main makes a free-form lasagna.

  • 1112_gold_crostata_f

Peach-Blueberry Crostata

By |

Chef Hedy Goldsmith creates an exquisite Italian-style crostata with peach blueberry frangipane filling.

  • christmasnighttreats

Régale 3. Gâteries pour la nuit de Noël

By |

Préparé avec le Smart Oven BOV800XL

  • christmasnighttreats

Treat 3. Christmas Night Treats

By |

Prepared with the Smart Oven BOV800XL

  • cerealMilk_TOSI

Tosi on Tour — Cereal Milk

By |

s iLive the high life by making this Momofuku Milk Bar best seller at home.

  • chocChipCake_TOSI

Tosi on Tour — Chocolate Chip Cake

By |

Serve up what Christina Tosi and the Momofuku Milk Bar team make.

  • compostCookies_TOSI

Tosi on Tour — Compost Cookies

By |

Can't decide between a chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie? Life is short, have both.

  • tosi_crackPie

Tosi on Tour — Crack Pie

By |

Learn how to make the legendary Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar with Christina Tosi ...Read More

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