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  • bruschetta

A not-exactly-Italian Twist on an Italian Classic

By |

Bruschetta has made a splash on American menus in recent years as a light appetizer ...Read More

  • scallops

Succulent, Buttery Scallops

By |

While not necessarily the first choice for the diet conscious, for a truly indulgent flavor, ...Read More

  • 344Chard_Dandelion_Juice2

Stuff Your Peppers with Leafy Green Juice Pulp

By |

After a few months of finding ways to cook and bake with the pulp from ...Read More

  • 1004_mochi_f

Mochi: A Healthy Japanese Snack

By |

Feeding hungry kids healthy food is always a challenge. It requires improvisation, patience for trial ...Read More

  • 1304_ribs-asian-bbq_f

Ribs with Asian Barbecue Sauce

By |

Function: BAKE Temperature: 350 ̊F (175 ̊C) Cooking Time: 25 minutes Ingredients 1/3 cup plum ...Read More

  • 0912_baking-carrot-pulp_f

Baking with Carrot Pulp

By |

Carrots are a staple of many people’s juicing habits and regimens. They are great-tasting and ...Read More

  • bakedCrab

A World of Possibilities with Baked Crab Dip

By |

Crab meat is the underused shellfish. I think most times it’s because people know less ...Read More

  • spicyShrimp_FI-lr

Spicy Shrimp

By |

Ingredients 1 cup peeled deveined shrimp, 21-25 count (roughly 10-12 shrimp) 1 small jalepeno, seeded ...Read More

  • chocolateCake

Healthy Juice Makes Delicious Chocolate Cake

By |

Blueberry juice feels rather decadent when you consider how many of the tiny fruits are ...Read More

  • valentine

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Two Ways

By |

There’s no overestimating the power of chocolate — whether it’s a soothing remedy at the ...Read More

  • baklava

Baklava, Exotic Easy

By |

A classic of European and Middle Eastern cuisine, baklava is a sticky sweet layering of ...Read More