• Chicken feet
  • Mexican spice rub (ground Pasilla chilies)
  • Salt
  • Fryer oil


  1. Slow cook the chicken feet for about 2 hours in a little fat or lard until they feel soft and flexible to the touch. After cooking remove claws.
  2. Set fryer to 350°F and drop in the precooked and declawed feet. Be sure to keep fryer covered while the chicken feet give off any remaining water — you’ll be able to hear the bubbling at first, but eventually it will stop. When the oil begins to settle (no more popping) you will know the feet are almost ready. Check the feet once the bubbling stops, but don’t pull out of the fryer until they become a deep golden brown.
  3. Once golden brown, pull feet from the fryer and place in a mixing bowl or plate lined with paper towels to drain off excess oil. Be sure to salt or season the feet quickly after pulling from the oil so the seasoning sticks to the chicken feet.
  4. Once seasoned, arrange chicken feet on the plate by stacking them in a pile, and then dust the entire plate with the ground smoked pasilla chilies. Garnish with a lime, cut in half. Squeeze the lime over the chicken feet while eating.