World champion barista, Heather Perry, shows you the secrets of making the perfect cappuccino.

The caramel-colored blend of espresso and steamed milk. The light, textured froth of milk-foam. Whether it’s served up as morning ritual or after-dinner treat the cappuccino is instantly recognizable. Considered the ultimate test for any true barista, the classic cappuccino is surprisingly simple when you know the right tricks.

The Classic Cappuccino


  • espresso coffee beans
  • 2 ounces milk
  • 8 oz mug


  1. Finely grind the coffee beans.
  2. Steam and froth milk, increasing volume by one-third — do not overheat.
  3. Fill a double-sized portafilter with ground coffee, tamp the coffee, place it in the machine, and turn handle until snug.
  4. Pull a single shot into pre-warmed glasses or mug.  If not pulling directly into a mug, pour the shot (or two half-shots) into mug.
  5. Texture the milk by gently moving the frothing pitcher in a circular motion and tapping on a kitchen surface until it’s slightly shiny and all large bubbles are gone.
  6. Fill mug with textured milk.