AUTHOR: Nari Kye, Segment Producer, The Mind of a Chef

I am not ashamed to admit that I have seen every version of Pride and Prejudice known to man.

So when we started planning our Cornwall shoot, I got just a teeny bit excited. I’ve heard of the splendors of the “English countryside” but had never experienced it first-hand. And this English countryside had pigs!

April quickly became obsessed with these Mangalitsa piglets.

Our director, Anna Chai, will do anything for “the shot.”

Meet the piglets! Cute overload.

April and her dear friend Tom Adams of London’s Pitt Cue Co taking a walk to feed the pigs in the beautiful English countryside.

Tom prepares his famous pig jowls for April.

And here are the ingredients for one of April’s favorite pork dishes, the pig’s foot for two.