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  • 1504_blueberryWaffle

Blueberry Sweet Potato Waffles

By |

These waffles are as clean eating as it gets. When you take your first bite, ...Read More

  • 1504_toadInHoles

Mini Toad-in-a-Hole Sandwiches

By |

Because my ideal breakfast consists of eggs over easy on toast, this new twist on ...Read More

  • 1504_eggsChivesMushrooms

Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Mushroom-Maple Bundles

By |

Here’s a vegetarian version of scrambled eggs with sausage. Taking some inspiration from the United ...Read More

  • matzoBreiFI

Matzo Brei

By |

If you have not tried Matzo Brei, you are missing out. Try it with a ...Read More

  • waffleMacCheese1503

Waffled Macaroni and Cheese

By |

Leftover mac and cheese is not exactly one of life’s biggest problems, but if it ...Read More

  • dashiWings_FI

Dashi Wings

By |

Is there anything better than wings with beer? Most of us would say no. This ...Read More

  • friedTurnips_FI

Fried Fermented Turnips

By |

Tastes like fried pickles, but better. This perfect snack that is super easy to make ...Read More

  • chicken_FI-lr

Matcha Chicken with Coconut Milk Steamed Rice

By |

Hugh Acheson uses Matcha tea as a seasoning to finish this roasted chicken recipe over ...Read More

  • musselsFries_FI

Mussels and Fries

By |

Mussels and fries is a classic dish made all the better when paired with Allagash ...Read More

  • belgianWaffleBatter_FI

Belgian Waffle Batter

By |

Step up your morning waffles with this Belgian Waffle Batter recipe. You will want breakfast ...Read More

  • buttermilkWaffleBatter_FI

Buttermilk Waffle Batter

By |

Buttermilk waffles? Yes, please. Top these with bananas and cinnamon for a truly decadent morning.

  • classicWaffleBatter_FI

Classic Waffle Batter

By |

Classic waffles for your Sunday morning bunch with family. What could be better than that?

  • chocolateWaffleBatter_FI

Chocolate Waffle Batter

By |

Perhaps more for dessert than for breakfast, these chocolate waffles are sure to please the ...Read More

  • pestoSauce_FI

Pesto Sauce

By |

Pesto is a classic and can be made ahead of time and then used on ...Read More

  • basicPizzaDough_FI

Basic Pizza Dough

By |

Whipping up homemade pizza dough is impressive but once you see how easy it is, ...Read More

  • MING_margaritaPizza

Homemade Margherita Pizza

By |

Ming Tsai loves pizza dough, tomatoes, basil, and cheese and loves to make his own ...Read More

  • MING_steakFajitas

Spiced Flank Steak Fajitas

By |

Delicious, tasty, and simple meal! Chef Tsai makes multi-spiced skirt steak fajitas using a homemade ...Read More

  • MING_delmonicoBeef

Braised Delmonico Beef

By |

Sear meats first and then slow cook for a juicy and aromatic dish. And there ...Read More

  • MING_roastedChicken

Roasted Chicken with Broccoli and Rice

By |

Chef trick: brine your chicken overnight in what tastes like sweet sea water.

  • MING_chickenCordonBleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

By |

Served over wilted greens, Ming Tsai's Chicken Cordon Blue sizzles and is full of spice.

  • pizzaHawaii_FI

Pizza Hawaii

By |

A staff-meal favorite at Chef Nilsson’s restaurant is Pizza Hawaii. The dough can be bought ...Read More

  • hamPressgurk_FI

Ham Sandwich with Pressgurka

By |

A perfect lunch, this open-faced ham sandwich contains fresh bread, butter, ham, mustard, and pressgurka, ...Read More

  • salmon_FI-lr

Poached Wild Salmon in Tranquil Dream Tea

By |

Described as "luxuriating a food" Hugh Acheson takes us through a perfectly poached salmon dish. ...Read More

  • grilledTbone_FI-lr

T-Bone Steak with Lemongrass-Habanero Marinade

By |

Soy sauce, spicy habanero, lemongrass and citrus bump up the umami factor of this marinade; ...Read More

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