During the production of our series Thought for Food last year, we met journalist Scott Haas at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While we were there to learn about techniques and cooking insights from Chef Tony Maws, Scott had already been a regular fixture at the restaurant for more than a year, carefully observing and conducting research for his upcoming book about the psychology of chefs.

Although Chef Maws became the focus of his book, Scott interviewed many other outstanding chefs during his research, including Andrew Carmellini, Marc Vetri, Dave Pasternack, and Alfred Portale. Later that year, we collaborated with Scott for a new series, Chef’s Table, in which he sits down for one-on-one interviews with some of the best chefs in the country.

Scott’s book, Back of the House: The Secret Life of a Restaurant, and our series, Chef’s Table, offer a rare opportunity to learn about how chefs think and how restaurants are run.

We congratulate Scott on the release of his new book.
Back of the House is available wherever books are sold.

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