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Narrated by executive producer Anthony Bourdain, The Mind Of A Chef is that rare and beautiful thing: an intelligent show about cooking.
  • pizzaHawaii_FI

Pizza Hawaii

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A staff-meal favorite at Chef Nilsson’s restaurant is Pizza Hawaii. The dough can be bought ...Read More

  • theCocktail_FI

Almond Barley Parnod Cocktail

By |

This milky white cocktail, made from toasted barley almonds and Pernod and is garnished with ...Read More

  • cocoaBalls_FI

Cocoa Balls

By |

This simple dessert made with, oats, cocoa powder, butter, sugar, and coconut is a fun ...Read More

  • chickenLiverPate_FI

Chicken Liver Pate

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This recipe for chicken liver pâté, served along with cornichons and a crust of bread, ...Read More

  • theCake_FI

The Cake

By |

This almond and lemon cake can sit out on counter and be picked at for ...Read More

  • barleyTea_FI

Toasted Barley Tea

By |

For this recipe, inspired by Japanese teas made from toasted grains, the barley is toasted ...Read More

  • frozenYogurt_FI

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

By |

For this quick and easy recipe you can choose any frozen fruit you want. The ...Read More

  • hamPressgurk_FI

Ham Sandwich with Pressgurka

By |

A perfect lunch, this open-faced ham sandwich contains fresh bread, butter, ham, mustard, and pressgurka, ...Read More

  • friedQuail_FI-lr

Kentucky Fried Quail

By |

Elegant quail gets the southern treatment with a quick deep-fry, topped off with a fragrant ...Read More

  • buttermilkIceCream_FI-lr

Cornbread Sorghum Milkshake (or, “Breakfast”)

By |

The combination of stale cornbread, sticky sorghum and tangy buttermilk ice cream is a treat ...Read More

  • bourbonSweetTea_FI-lr

Bourbon Sweet Tea

By |

Combining two of the American South’s most popular exports, Chef Edward Lee's Bourbon Sweet Tea ...Read More

  • grilledTbone_FI-lr

T-Bone Steak with Lemongrass-Habanero Marinade

By |

Soy sauce, spicy habanero, lemongrass and citrus bump up the umami factor of this marinade; ...Read More

  • edamameHummus_FI-lr

Edamame Hummus

By |

This bright green purée goes well with heavy meats like brisket and grilled kalbi, but ...Read More

  • whippedCream_FI-lr

Buttermilk Whipped Cream

By |

The tartness of buttermilk helps keep this whipped cream from being too cloying, making it ...Read More

  • candiedBacon_FI-lr

Bacon Candy and Curried Cashews

By |

Sweet, crispy, candied bacon and warm, tasted, curried cashews elevate this bar snack to dinner-ruining ...Read More

  • squashSoup_FI-lr

Yellow Squash Soup with Cured Strawberries

By |

At the height of the season, puréed yellow squash with a little bit of thyme ...Read More

  • moac2-ep10

Episode 10: Travel with a Chef, Always

By |

If you want to eat well while you travel, I suggest you take a chef ...Read More

  • moac2-ep11

Episode 11: Opening a Restaurant

By |

We were fortunate enough to be filming as April prepared to open Tosca, her first ...Read More

  • moac2-ep09

Episode 9: Journal of a Italophile

By |

As an avid Italophile, I jumped at the chance to work on an episode of ...Read More

  • moac2-ep13

Episode 13: Spicy and Saucy Curry

By |

Curry is a dish, a sauce, and a combination of spices, as we learned while ...Read More

  • moac2-ep12

Episode 12: Worth Her Salt

By |

Alexandra Chaden learns how one simple ingredient, one mineral, makes all the difference in the ...Read More

  • moac2-ep14

Episode 14: Waste Not Want Not

By |

As Americans, we throw away tons of food every year -- literally. Waste not want ...Read More

  • moac2-ep15

Episode 15: British Homage

By |

One of April’s trademarks is paying homage to the foods that her countrymen grew up ...Read More

  • moac2-ep16

Episode 16: English Countryside

By |

We fall in love with piglets in the English countryside.

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