About Ivan Orkin

A self described “Jewish Kid from Long Island”, Ivan realized his dream of cooking while doing it in Japan on his terms. Now with two restaurants in Tokyo and two in Manhattan, Orkin has elevated ramen and written a masterpiece about it: Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most Unlikely Noodle Joint.

A Cook’s Life

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That's what's great about cooking: you focus on the task at hand, and then you ...Read More

NY Noodletown

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I would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and then I would walk into Chinatown and ...Read More

The Art of the Slurp

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Ivan Orkin shares his journey from New York to Tokyo and back again in this ...Read More

Chile Mazemen with Eggplant and Chipotle

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Ivan Orkin remarks, please forgive the laundry list of items that you need to produce ...Read More

Shio Ramen: the Complete Bowl

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Let's say you've got all your ramen components prepped and ready, lined up on the ...Read More

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