About Bryce Shuman

Betony Executive Chef Bryce Shuman developed a menu inspired by familiar flavors of food he loves presented in a distinctly modern way.

The Gluten-free Gospel

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A strong proponent of fulfilling the special requests of his customers, Chef Bryce Shuman took ...Read More

Secrets of Gluten-free Baking

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A baking master reveals a few of his personal trade secrets that will help home ...Read More

Gluten-free Dinner Rolls

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Ever made gluten-free rolls that were so dense they were inedible? Here, Bryce Shuman gives ...Read More

Gluten-free Salted Breadsticks

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Bryce Shuman's gluten-free bread sticks are crunchy, tender, light, and full of flavor. We almost ...Read More

Roasted Chicken with Gluten-free Stuffing

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There are many great ways to roast a chicken but stuffing with leftover gluten-free rolls ...Read More

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