Juicing is also referred to as “rainbow nutrition” – which reflects the importance of consuming fruits and veggies of many colors to ensure that you obtain the widest array of nutrients each day.

Juicing provides instant nutrition. Because it is fiber-free, juice is rapidly absorbed and goes to work immediately – healing, energizing and revitalizing.

By using organic produce, you spare yourself the harmful chemicals that non-organic food crops typically contain, due to commercial farming methods that rely on the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other man-made chemical products.


  • 1 crown broccoli
    Broccoli is like a miracle food and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, providing both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • 1 bunch green grapes
    Grapes provide nutritional benefits similar to those of other berries. Green grapes are a natural antihistamine and, despite their tiny stature, add a lot of sweetness.
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
    Spinach juice is an excellent source of chlorophyll and Vitamin A. It is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and trace elements.
  • 2 large collard green leaves
    As a member of the cabbage family, greens exhibit anticancer properties and are an excellent source of many anutrients, especially pigments like carotenes and chlorophyll and are among the most highly nutritious vegetables.


  1. Stir the juice before pouring to incorporate the froth for a creamier consistency, as that froth is full of goodness.
  2. If you find the vegetable juices too strong you can dilute with a little natural spring water.

With all this vegetable pulp, you can add taste and texture to lasagna and meat loaf.

Juicing – get into this instant source of nutrition!