Narrated by executive producer Anthony Bourdain, The Mind of a Chef is that rare and beautiful thing: An intelligent show about cooking.

Season 2 of the James Beard Award-winning series delves into the thinking of chefs Sean Brock and April Bloomfield, following these two great culinary figures into their kitchens and around the world.

This eBook takes you one step further into those minds. Learn about how Sean Brock was determined to revamp an entire neighborhood in Nashville when he opened Husk and how April Bloomfield’s modesty defies her numerous successes and accomplishments. They share 16 exclusive technique-driven recipes all inspired from their roots, their travels in Season 2, and their mentors. Dishes include Skillet Cornbread, Peach Ice Cream, Fried Chicken Feet, Strawberry Sorbet, and more.

Dive inside the minds behind The Mind of a Chef with this exclusive eBook.