Start your journey into latte art with these tips from coffee guru Phil McKnight.

The two requirements are a good espresso extraction and really well-textured milk — silky, glossy, microfoam.


  1. Use only fresh roasted coffee.
  2. Grind, distribute evenly, tamp with about 30 pounds of pressure.
  3. Adjust temperature for coffee type ~200°F (~93°C) ±5°.
    Look for a steady, straight flow of coffee.
  4. Shot should be dark auburn brown, 1.5 to 2 ounces.
    Swirl slightly to prep for milk.

Steamed Milk

  1. Use your favorite milk and fill a chilled jug nearly halfway.
    Tip: Purge steam wand right before using.
  2. Place steam wand 1/2 inch into milk and aerate (hear it hissing) until milk is warm.
  3. Submerge wand and continue to steam milk until jug is hot to the touch 140-150°F (60-65°C).
    Tip: Clean wand immediately with damp cloth.
    Swirl milk in the jug to smooth out bubbles.

Latte Art

  1. Tilt the cup of espresso toward the milk jug and pour a dot slowly in the center of the mug to integrate the crema and milk.
  2. When you see the milk cloud come through the espresso, start to ease the flow to finish the pour.
  3. Draw the pour through the dot to the cup’s rim while settling the cup back to level and stop.
  4. Enjoy!

PDF: I Heart Latte
Download, print out, pull shot, steam milk, enjoy!