You’re having some friends over for brunch this weekend. You want to sleep in, but you also want to knock their socks off with your menu.

The best way to do this is to supercharge the old standards — quality, basic ingredients prepared just right. Set the scene and wake them up just right with this twist on the classic mimosa.

Juice the good behavior right out of it

Everyone expects freshly squeezed orange juice in their mimosas. But instead of squeezing, try running it though a juicer. Chill your oranges in the refrigerator overnight, peel, and juice.

Easy, right? Only instead of a well-behaved juice, you get a frothy, sensual experience. A cold, frothy orange juice mixed half and half with a chilled, dry sparkling wine gives you a mimosa teeming with activity.

Serve in a champagne flute for optimum fizzle.


  • 2 pounds of oranges, chilled overnight, peeled
  • 1 bottle dry sparkling wine, chilled


  1. Process oranges through juicer.
  2. Fill glasses halfway with champagne.
  3. Top off with the fresh juice.
Frothy Mimosa