One of the best holiday gifts that nature and botany give us is the sweet lil’ Clementine. This little summery citrus warms many a heart and cheers many a palate in the cold month of December. Clementines are sometimes called Christmas Oranges as they are available from November through January. And California is able to spread its sunshine to the rest of us.

Gifts that keep on giving

You in turn get to spread the sunshine to your friends and houseguests. Since you’re probably getting together with family next weekend, this weekend is perfect for having some friends over and blowing off some steam. Why not get the day started nice and early with a White Elephant brunch and serve up the White Elephantine juicing cocktail — mixing gift exchanging with liquid merriment.

Fresh and Juicy

Generally easier to peel than other citrus, Clementines are an easy and delicious way to knock the socks off your guests. Perfumey overtones and a uniquely sweet and tangy finish (that isn’t overly acidic) give you a seasonally distinct flavor profile. Since they generally come in 5-pound crates or bags, you’ll probably have plenty on hand to run through your juicer.

The White Elephantine

The White Elephantine highlights the Clementine’s idiosyncratic taste with a broad base of sweet autumnal fruit. Apples and pears work together to delight with a full spectrum of flavors that support and accentuate the diminutive citrus. A dry Prosecco provides a pachydermic punch of bubbly fantasy. Fun all around and the perfect complement to your afternoon gift exchange.


  • 4 Clementines
  • 4 small red apples
  • 3 medium pears
  • 8 ounces dry Prosecco
  • ½ cup crushed ice

Process Clementines, apples, and pears through juicer.
Distribute ice into two glasses. Fill halfway with juice and top with Prosecco.