About Patricia Yeo

Patricia Yeo melds elements of an international upbringing — from Malaysia to England to the United States — with a precision that she honed in her scientific training.

Mushroom Dan Dan Mein

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Chef Patricia Yeo demonstrated this dish in the Thought for food video series, and it ...Read More

Back of the House: Planning a Menu with Patricia Yeo

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Chef Patricia Yeo details how she develops and plans a menu. Chef Patricia Yeo talks ...Read More

Blind Fish Sauce Taste Test with Patricia Yeo

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Chef Patricia Yeo leads a blind fish sauce tasting to figure out which one on ...Read More

Executive Chef: Patricia Yeo

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Chef Patricia Yeo discusses her culinary philosophy. Even though she has a degree in biochemistry, ...Read More

Uyigur Style Lamb, Three Peppers & Rice Gnocchi

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Chef Patricia Yeo shares her signature stir fry recipe using the Hot Wok by Breville.

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