About Matt Jennings

Chef Matt Jennings' motto is, "Food can only be as good as the ingredients you start with." With numerous awards and write-ups, he is well recognized for his knowledge, appreciation, and expertise in the world of artisan foods, and for his specific concentrations: cheese, charcuterie, and nose-to-tail, as well as seasonal cooking.

Handmade New York: Noodle Edition

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Chefs Matt Jennings, Mark Ladner, Danny Bowien, and Alex Stupak explore the elusive noodle in ...Read More

A Macro View of Micro Production

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Chef Matt Jennings embarks on a back-roads tour of Vermont to meet small-volume producers and ...Read More

Leaf Peepin’ & Lots of Eatin’

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A scrapbook of favorite moments from our trip to Vermont with Chef Matt Jennings.

Warm Spinach Salad with Bacon, Pecorino, and Ale Vinaigrette

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Handmade ingredients from Vermont Salumi and Twig Farm, and Heady Topper from The Alchemist make ...Read More

Herbed Hominy Stuffed Chicken Legs Cooked in Mole

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Matt Jennings prepares this dish using dark Middlebury Chocolates from Vergennes, VT.

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