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  • 344SweetPotatoSoup0028

Life & Limb and Sweet Potato Soup

By |

It’s not often that a craft beer is released with hype. Hype tends to be ...Read More

  • 1004_cowboy-chili_f

Slow Cooked Cowboy Style Chili

By |

With colder nights and warmer days, it’s cowboy weather. And where there’s cowboys, there’s chili. ...Read More

  • 344chowders

Finding Clarity in Rhode Island Clam Chowder

By |

There’s New England Clam Chowder — it’s white. Photo by lucylarou There’s Manhattan Clam Chowder ...Read More

  • 1002_coq-au-vin_f

Classic Coq au Vin

By |

A tender, rich, and deeply flavorful chicken stew, coq au vin is the perfect family ...Read More

  • 0912_chili-cincinnati_f

For Some of The Best Chili, Think … Cincinnati?

By |

Get your crockpots and slow cookers out! We’re heading to that famous bastion of chili ...Read More

  • soupSammy

Soup and Sandwich and Slow Cooker — A Great Meal Combo

By |

It’s always hard for working moms, whether they work at home or away, to put ...Read More

  • 1001_slow-bbq-chicken_f

Shredded Slow Cooker Chicken with BBQ Sauce

By |

Bottom line: Good barbecue doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, what gets lost in ...Read More

  • prather-braisebeef

Here’s the Beef

By |

A recipe by San Francisco Bay area locavore Chef James Stolich. As I mentioned in ...Read More

  • cioppino

Cioppino: The Other San Francisco Treat

By |

Cioppino (pronounced chuh-PEE-noh) originated in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco where Italian immigrant ...Read More

  • 344Espresso_Ribs

Fuller’s ESB and Espresso-Marinated Short Ribs—A Full-Flavored Experience

By |

Extra Strong (or extra special) Bitters are yet another most appreciated brewing tradition from our ...Read More

  • 344TurkeySoup

When Life Deals You Bones … Make Soup!

By |

Spice up that annual turkey soup … literally. Curry and cauliflower make this turkey soup ...Read More

  • chocoCookie

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

By |

Why are cookies so often relegated to second-string dessert status — something to placate the ...Read More